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70, Souidias str., 115 21 Athens, Greece

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Dear friends and members,
We hope you're all well and still having a wonderful time.
Please note that lessons at the studio start on Monday, September 2, 2019, according to the schedule posted on our website. Wishing you all the best for the new beginning


Eva Rouchpaul's 47th seminar will take place at the studio, 70 Souidias str., from FR 13 - SUN 15 Sept. 2019. The seminar theme is: «Ha- tha yoga: retribution or freedom for "nothing"».


Στάσεις – Σειρά– Τεχνική


HaTha Yoga! What is it?

HaTha-yoga is one of the Yoga types, an ancient Indian technique of tranquility. The process, which unfolds below, combines postures and breathing according to Eva Ruchpaul’s instructions, the pioneer who developed the teaching of Yoga.

Who does Yoga concern?

For any adult who wishes to develop a better internal balance and exercise his body. After puberty, there is no limit for someone to start.
People who are under treatment, should ask first for medical advice.


•meekness • suppleness • natural energy • autonomy options • appetite for creativity • know yourself uncritically • slow and continuous improvement • pleasure of breathing

• flexibility of an acrobat • Eternal youth • to be invulnerable • perfection • superiority

What about spirituality?

Who, indeed, may designate it; The practice of HaTha Yoga cultivates the attention of the breath and body and offers the discovery of inner silence. It is everybody’s obligation to orient their search depending on their sensitivity.

How a lesson procedures?

After a private lesson, if possible for the first contact, the trainee participates in a group. The progress will be strengthened by the group and the teacher. Any competition is excluded.

The course includes a chain of postures and rest time, , depending on the choice of the teacher, suited to the time and the skill of the students.


By holding your breath, as with normal breathing, each pause is performed only once:MORE

a) Body postures:
Preparations in order to soften the main joints (back, shoulders, hip joints).
b) Postures holding breath:
Some certain postures last as long as it takes to inhale or exhale without force.
c) Postures with continually free breathing:


Between each posture there is some time for restoration. The student in neutral position, seated or lying down listens to his senses. This is then followed by the natural rhythm of breathing. That way he offers himself the pleasure of experiencing a full breathing. Full breathing consists of isochrones holding of breath, one after inhaling and the other after exhaling.

At the end of the lesson:
Breathings that alternate the intake of air from one nostril to the other following the rhythm which is slow at the beginning and gets faster afterwards. Then we remain relaxed an at peace with our body.

Recommendations for the participants

  • Attend a lesson a week systematically.
  • Look after your personal cleanliness.
  • Wear comfortable, clean cotton or wool clothes that cover your body.
  • Drink a glass of water after the end of the lesson.
  • Do more than one lesson a week.
  • Practice without your teacher’s instructions because there is a risk of making mistakes and alternate the posture.
  • Repeat the same posture many times.
  • Put perfume before the class.